The Koba Difference


We are Koba, a family run business that is passionate about crafting beautifully functional plastic horticultural products. We've spent our time working closely with growers to provide products that are innovative in their design, while amassing a beautiful array of color options. Whether you're focused on performance or creating an illustrative display, we've got your back. Your own creativity defines our limits.


Functional & Beautiful

Our horticultural plastic products are the foundation for your success. With a range of products that cover simple functionality to the basis of beautiful displays, we have the pots, trays, and rings you need to successfully grow.


Founded in 1966, our reputation is in our experience. Generations of knowledge has taught us to respect industry development, and to adapt with the evolution.  

About Us

We love color! Match small or large flower pots to your plants with our wide array of options. Our shades are vibrant and clean, they will make a display come alive. Custom colors are available with a full skid order.

Getting to know our customers is one of our favorite parts of the job. We're proud of the relationships we've cultivated, and we'd love to get to know you. Connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, or view our event updates.

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