DiameterDepthLiquid VolumeQuantities
ProductincmincmUSMetricPcs/BoxBoxes/Pallet1/2 Bulk
8" Deko Pan820.323.58.892.1 qts1.94 L246325250
10" Deko Pan1025.44.2510.84.2 qts3.8 L130​40
12" Deko Pan1230.48512.71.56 gal5.9 L116241836

More Information:

  • Stock colors - Black, Candied Ginger, Clay, and Green
  • 8" Deko Pan Color Minimum - 32 boxes (7,872 pcs.)
  • 10 " Deko Pan Color Minimum - 40 boxes (5,200 pcs.)
  • 12" Deko Pan Color Minimum - 24 boxes (2,784 pcs.)
  • 8" Deko Pan compatible with 3 strand clip hangers
  • 10" Deko Pan compatible with 3 strand wire or clip hangers
  • 12" Deko Pan compatible with 18" or 22" 4 strand Clip Basket Hanger
  • Plastic Injection
  • Made with recycled plastic

Product Sizes:


The Deko Pan features the innovative Trench Tek base design. The Trench Tek bottom protects roots, and allows more time between watering.

The Deko Pan is commonly used for herb bowls, succulent pans, and pansies. Hangers can be attached for growers who need to maximize growing space, or are running a Pansy Hanging Basket program. Please see below for further information. 

Deko Pan