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Check out the new Trench Tek Series that protects your roots and allows for longer time between waterings.

           works directly with growers to provide innovations that matter.

It starts with design...

  • Our recycled high-grade polypropylene plastic is crafted with a rubberizing additive to virtually eliminate brittleness and enhance flexibility. This technique is so effective that you can tie our basket hangers in knots! How about that for flexibility?
  • KOBA's Cyclone Rings also spotlights our creative problem solving methods in the ring's design to grow with the plant. As the plant matures the ring allows the foliage to produce a fuller uniform shape.
  • We can always improve our methods! We actively are interested in hearing grower's feedback of how our products perform, please feel free to drop us a line.

Environmentally Conscious


"On average KOBA will use 2 to 3 million pounds of

recycled plastic in a year."


KOBA uses recycled Polypropylene to craft injection molded pots, pans, and other products. The recycled material comes from material like bottle caps, packaging, wipes containers, as well as recycled plastic from the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Collaborative Innovation