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Coex Pot Rings brace heavy foliage from falling over, encourages uniform growth, and protects during sleeving and transport. The clips on the bottom are specifically designed snap on the wider edge of Coex Pots.

Please note: Compatible with Coex Pots - malleable pots.

6" Coex Pot Ring615.243.388.581400
7" Coex Pot Ring717.783.759.521250
8" Coex Pot Ring820.324.2510.791250
9" Coex Pot Ring922.864.6311.76500
10" Coex Pot Ring1025.45.2513.33500

More Information
  • Stock Color - Green
  • Depth = Leg length
  • Only compatible with Coex Pots
  • Made in the USA

Coex Pot Rings