Henry Jenkinson

North East Sales

(908)399-3557 | henryj@kobacorp.com

Kyle Mooney

Mold & Machinery Apprentice

The KOBA Girls

Future Generations

J.J. & Nathan

Quality Control

Carlos Galvan

Production Manager

Rick Mooney

Warehouse Manager

Gerardo Della Fortuna

Design Engineer

​Ext. 310

Jennifer Weisbecker


Ext. 305 | jenniferw@kobacorp.com

Ursula Mooney

Accounts Receivable 

Ext. 301 | ursulam@kobacorp.com

Lorena Rodriguez

Shipping & Freight 

Ext. 302 | lorenad@kobacorp.com

Heather Bach

Sales Production

Ext. 304 | heatherb@kobacorp.com

Bernie Duetsch

​President of Operations 

Ext. 307 | bduetsch@kobacorp.com

Franz Bach Jr.​

Vice President & CEO

Ext. 306 | franz@kobacorp.com

Franz J. Bach Sr.

​Founder & President

The               Family