3" and 3.5" Standard Pots

Standard Pots

Great for Wholesale Succulent and Fairy Garden Programs

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Standard Pots are crafted from a time tested design featuring a durable build and drainage holes. Perfectly sized for succulents or other small plants. Inquire about custom colors to match your seasonal variety or fairy garden program.

DiameterDepthLiquid VolumeDry VolumeQuantities
ProductincmincmUSMetricCu. InchesPcs/BoxBoxes/Pallet
3" Standard Pot3.007.622.756.987.00 fl oz207 mL12.63175028
3.5" Standard Pot3.508.893.007.6210.0 fl oz295 mL18.05108028

More Information
  • 3" Standard Pot Stock Colors - Baby Blue, Clay, Green, Lime Green, Pink, and White
  • 3.5" Standard Pot Stock Colors - White & Green
  • ​3" Standard Pot Color Minimum - 28 boxes (49,000 pcs.)
  • 3.5" Standard Pot Color Minimum - 28 boxes (30,240 pcs.)
  • ​Barcode labeling available
  • Plastic ​Injection Molded
  • ​Made in the USA