Standard Pots


Product Sizes:


Standard Pots are crafted from a time tested design featuring a durable build and drainage holes. Perfectly sized for succulents or other small plants. Inquire about custom colors to match your seasonal variety or fairy garden program.

More Information:

  • 3" Standard Pot Stock colors - Baby Blue, Clay, Green, Lime Green, Pink, and White
  • 3.5"Standard Pot Stock colors - White & Green
  • Bar code labeling available
  • ​3" Std. Pot Color Minimums - 28 boxes (49,000 pcs.)
  • 3.5" Std. Pot Color Minimums - 28 boxes (30,240 pcs.)
  • ​Injection Molded
  • ​Made with recycled plastic

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DiameterDepthLiquid VolumeDry VolumeQuantities
ProductincmincmUSMetricCu. InchesPcs/BoxBoxes/Pallet
3" Standard Pot3.007.622.756.987.00 fl oz207 mL12.63175028
3.5" Standard Pot3.508.893.007.6210.0 fl oz295 mL18.05108028