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Saucerless Hanging Baskets

Our largest Hanging Baskets at 12" and 14" providing ample soil volumes for any hanging basket program.

Trench Tek Hanging Basket

Protect your roots, conserve water, save time. The Trench Tek Hanging Basket has a compact soil volume and a simplistic exterior design.

Jumbo Classic Hanging Basket

An 11" Hanging Basket with an optional saucer, and the time and water saving Trench Tek base design.

Traditional Hanging Baskets

A series of four Hanging Baskets ranging from 4.5" to 10" with attached saucers for indoor plants.

Fluted Hanging Baskets

This classic set of baskets comes in two sizes, 8" and 10", and features a Fluted exterior design. In addition, the 10" Basket is offered with optional side holes (4 or 8).

Hanging Baskets