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​The Trench Tek Hanging Basket has been designed to eliminate the need for a watering disc. Trenches in the base design allow water to be stored for longer times between watering.

DiameterDepthLiquid VolumeDry VolumeQuantities
ProductincmincmUSMetricCu. InchesPcs/BoxBoxes/PalletHalf Bulk
10.5" Trench Tek Hanging Basket10.526.6615.251.25 gal4.73 L288.6496402,304

More Information
  • 10.5" Trench Tek Hanging Basket Stock Colors - Green & White
  • 10.5" Trench Tek Hanging Basket Color Minimum - 94 boxes (9,024 pcs.)
  • Other Color Minimums available with a color change fee - see Color Palette for more information
  • 10.5" Trench Tek HB stocked with 17" 3 Strand Clip Hanger
  • Different hanger lengths are available - see Hanger Options below
  • ​Holes on bottom for drainage
  • Watering disc is not needed
  • Plastic Injection Molded
  • ​Made in the USA

Trench Tek Hanging Basket