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8" Cyclone Ring8.00 in20.3 cm300
10" Cyclone Ring10.0 in25.4 cm300
12" Cyclone Ring12.0 in30.4 cm350
14" Cyclone Ring14.0 in35.5 cm450
16" Cyclone Ring16.0 in40.6 cm550

Product Sizes:

More Information:

  • Stock color - Green
  • ​Replacement for mum netting
  • ​Made out of recycled plastic


​The innovative Cyclone Ring is a horizontal foliage support system that improves shape consistency of bushy plants.

Support during growth by placing Cyclone Ring on plants at 2" to 3" of growth (14" Ring needs to be placed at 1" of growth because of smaller inner circle).

Cyclone Ring