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The Grab & Tag Handle fits the 10" Earth Pot and 12" Curve Pot, allowing customers to easily pick up the planter. Two fasteners on the lower arch provide the ability to add a tag. Tags can be ordered from stocked options or customized. 
Note: There is approx. 9" of space for the plant between the soil and the bottom of the tag.

Grab & Tag Handle1640.641127.94200
Welcome Tag410.16512.7100
Christmas Tag410.16512.7100
Holiday Tag410.16512.7100
Bloom Tag
Patriotic Tag
Celebrate Mom Tag410.16512.7100
To & From Tag410.16512.7100

More Information
  • Stock Color - Black
  • Handle and tag sold separately
  • Compatible with 10" Earth Pot and the 12" Curve Pot
  • ​Handle can hold up to 20 lbs.
  • ​Grab & Tag Handle Color Minimums - 40 boxes (5,600 pcs.)
  • ​Tags can be customized, please call (732)469-0110 for options.
  • ​Injection Molded
  • ​Made in the USA

Grab & Tag Handle