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The Earth Pot is a versatile Patio Planter as it can be used for annual programs, but also features a depth that provides enough soil volume for perennials and small nursery goods [3 gal]. Multiple holes on the bottom provide drainage, and a compatible saucer can be purchased separately to prevent unwanted outflow.

DiameterDepthLiquid VolumeDry VolumeQuantities
ProductincmincmUSMetricCu. InchesPcs/BoxBoxes/PalletHalf Bulk
Earth Pot1025.4922.82.5 gal9.46 L577.64632992
Earth Pot Saucer1025.41.754.44


More Information
  • Earth Pot Stock Colors - Black, Clay, Green, Honeysuckle, & Redwood
  • Earth Pot Color Minimum - 32 boxes (1,472 pcs.)
  • Earth Pot Saucer Stock Colors - Black, Clay
  • Earth Pot Saucer Color Minimum - 40 boxes (3,680 pcs.)
  • Compatible with Grab & Tag Handle
  • Custom colors available with minimum order requirement
  • ​Plastic Injection Molded
  • Made in the USA

Earth Pot & Saucer