​The Jumbo Classic Hanging Basket features the Trench Tek base design to eliminate the need for a watering disc, and aid in the prevention of root binding and rot. An 'snap-on' saucer can be added to orders.

DiameterDepthLiquid VolumeDry VolumeQuantities
ProductincmincmUSMetricCu. InchesPcs/CtnBoxes/PalletHalf Bulk
11" Jumbo Classic Hanging Basket1125.46.3816.21.73 gal6.3 L400.25032896
Jumbo Classic Saucer7.3818.7.751.9

Jumbo Classic Hanging Basket

Product Sizes:

More Information:

  • 11" Jumbo Classic Hanging Basket - Black, Green, & White
  • ​11" JCHB Color Minimums - 32 boxes (1,600 pcs.) 
  • Hanging Basket with and without Saucer sold at different prices - Hanging Basket with saucer is packaged with the saucer already attached to the bottom of the basket.
  • Custom colors available with one pallet order
  • 11" JCHB stocked with 19" 3 Strand Clip hanger
  • Optional 20.5" 3 Strand Wire Hanger
  • Plastic Injection
  • ​Made out of recycled plastic